Welcome to Imagine Fitness.ca where you will find qualified Personal Training available to you right in your own home or office. Whatever your current fitness level is, we will provide you a custom fitness program to suit your needs.

Personal Training Mississauga

Personal Trainer Mississauga

Corporate Fitness Training

Corporate Fitness Solutions

Women's Personal Training

Women's Personal Training

With our highly qualified trainers, there is no limit to what you can Achieve. Imagine what a fit body and mind could do for you!


  • Body transformation programs
  • Weight training
  • Weight loss and body shaping
  • Resist-a-Ball workouts
  • Pre/ Post-Natal fitness
  • Yoga/ Pilates programs
  • Couples training
  • Balance/ Core training
  • Kettlebell workouts
  • Team training (sport specific)
  • Nutritional & wellness counseling
  • B.O.S.U. workouts (Both Sides UP)
  • Running/ walking programs
  • 50+ fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Body shaping

Your consultation with Imagine Fitness is your first step to better fitness. Imagine exceptional motivation and expertise. Together let's make it real!

Get started today, call us for details on our personal training services!

who can get great results from a personal trainerPersonal Trainer Mississauga

Busy Professionals - Have trouble getting out of the office? No problem. We have early morning and late evening appointments available.

Local Businesses - We come to your office to speak to your staff about why they should start an exercise routine. If you have the space we can offer lunchtime, no-sweat classes to your staff as a mid-day pick-me-up. A healthy worker is a happy worker and a happy worker is a productive worker!

Mothers - Count on us to work with you when your life is hectic, we’ll there to accomodate your needs and schedule.

Older Adults - This is a great time to get started on a fitness routine. You’ll see amazing strength benefits, improve your balance and most importantly get into a healthy frame of mind.

Everyone! - Physical activity reduces stress, depression and anxiety. It naturally improves your mood and gives you the energy to focus on the things that are important in your life.