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2008 issue of Canadian Fitness Professionals Magazine published these facts;

If you have sex 3 times per week, you'll burn an extra 7,000 calories per year.

According to, that's equivalent to jogging 1.4 miles per week!

Although sex can't be used to replace regular cardio workouts, it helps to reduce stress and burn extra calories. Both men and women should practice their Kegel exercises, which are done by contracting your pelvic floor muscles as if you're trying to stop urine, and hold it there for 3 seconds. Inhale as you squeeze and exhale as you release. Start out by doing 10-15 squeezes per day and build up to about 100 per day.

The bridge exercise is an effective way to improve sexual control and gratification. It can be done by simply lying on the floor and pressing the pelvis up in the air. Hold for about 10 seconds and then lower as you exhale.

The Top 10 Health Benefits of Sex:

  1. Helps you live longer.
  2. Strengthens your heart.
  3. Reduces stress and depression.
  4. Strengthens bones and muscles.
  5. Improves your memory and keeps your mind sharp.
  6. Helps you look younger.
  7. Improves your sense of smell.
  8. Provides pain relief.
  9. May reduce the risk of prostate cancer.
  10. Boosts the immune system. 1

1 According to the Daily Stanford.

This is a great way to have fun while staying in shape!

Lunge with a Twist

Whether an exercise beginner or a professional athlete, the lunge with a twist is an essential addition to an exercise program. The lunge with a twist combines the power of the lower body with a core rotational movement.

To start, hold a ball, such as a medicine or exercise ball, directly in front with arms fully extended. Take one large step forward with the right foot. Bend the right knee to 90 degrees while bending and lowering the left knee to a few inches off the ground. Keeping the back erect, twist the upper body to each side, keeping arms extended out front at all times. Step feet back in together and repeat while switching feet.

For variation, perform lunges while walking forward, in place, backwards or multi-directional, or hold the ball over head. Lunges with a twist are great exercises to develop quads, hamstrings, glutes, obliques, arms, and core. It is also a great way to improve balance, and can be a beneficial training exercise for a variety of sports such as skiing, hockey, snowboarding, golf, and football.

Bootcamp Basics

As fall fast approaches, many of us are looking for ways to get back into our fitness routine. One-on-one personal training suits some, running and walking clubs suit others. Maybe you're looking for a way to enjoy the fall colours, but would really like to take your workouts up a notch. Is a Bootcamp Class for you?

Group exercise has many benefits including creating camaraderie with other fitness-minded people, building a sense of community with others in your geographic area, as well as having accountability with other participants (let alone the instructor!). There's a wonderful social component to classes as well that many people find addictive. Classes can accommodate many different fitness levels because everyone works at their own pace. By the same token, however, classes also tend to invite a bit of friendly competition!

Bootcamp classes are based around calisthenics, hiking/jogging and bodyweight resistance exercises. Often classes are meant to get you into top shape in a short timeframe, depending on the number of workouts done per week. Exercises might include jumping jacks, push-ups, walking lunges, tricep dips, sprinting drills, etc., and can be done both indoor and out. Sometimes tools such as skipping ropes, athletic tubing and medicine balls are also used. The bottom line is Work It!

Fitness for Older Adults

There are many benefits to exercise and regular activity, especially for older adults. Many people over 50 have tried a variety of activities throughout their life and are looking for a change to their fitness routine as their bodies, goals and schedules change. Let's discuss some of the benefits of exercise and ways to incorporate activity into your life.

According to the Canadian Physical Guide for Older Adults, 60% of older adults are inactive. A lack of physical activity is considered to be a major risk factory for acute and chronic illness and is as harmful to your health as smoking. Physical activity is an investment in your long-term health and independence and there are many simple, enjoyable ways to get fit. One of the benefits include improved physical fitness/function which you'll notice as activities of daily living are made easier, for example carrying groceries, opening doors and getting up and down from a chair. Another benefit is improved posture as certain muscles are strengthened and others are stretched to facilitate ease of movement and excellent positioning through the hips and spine. Better balance helps prevent falls and injuries, and exercise reduces the risk for many conditions and diseases.

What's the best way for an older adult to begin an exercise program? Speak to your doctor to get their approval and encouragement, and then speak to an experienced personal trainer who has worked with seniors and can understand your needs and goals. It's very important to have great communication with your trainer, so make sure that you choose someone who listens to you, understands where you're coming from and has your best interests in mind.

A few more benefits to exercise include improved mood, reduced levels of stress, less fatigue, increased self-esteem and body image. Exercise can also reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and can improve sleep patterns. Mental health benefits may be one of the first health improvements noticed by individuals and may motivate people to keep participating. There are social benefits as well, including meeting a new network of friends who have an interest in keeping fit.

The bottom line is that we can all be active with well-chosen activities suited to our needs and goals. Keep moving to stay happy and fit and you'll add years to you life and life to your years!

Sarah Mulaner is an Older Adult Specialist who enjoys working with seniors and loves to share the joy of exercise with everyone.