Keep your company fiscally fit
by getting your staff physically fit

Workout at the OFFICE!Corporate workouts promote healthy employees with greater enthusiasm

  • Have more energy for work, feel better at the end of the day.
  • Increased alertness-higher productivity (Stand out-get a raise or promotion!)
  • Enjoy the benefits of exercise with your co-workers. Improved morale & camaraderie.
  • Avoid afternoon lull in energy.
  • Workout before work, at lunch, after work-Very FLEXIBLE!
  • Reduce number of absent/sick days necessary

If youíre not sure if itís worth the minor cost of setting up an exercise program for your employees, take a look at the following facts.

Why Do it?

Employers who invest in worksite health promotion programs can see a return of $3-$6 for every dollar invested over a 2-5 year period. Documented savings are observed in medical costs, absenteeism, workerís comp claims, short-term disability and presenteeism (lower on-the-job efficiency due to employee health problems.
Source: From website: American Journal of Preventive Medicine, December 2005

Corporate fitness glasses reduces absenteeism and health care costs

There are over 600 articles that analyze the research and anecdotal evidence of the cost-effectiveness of worksite wellness programs. In a review of 42 of these articles, there has been shown to be a:

  • 28% reduction in sick leave absenteeism
  • 26% reduction in use of the health care benefit
  • 30% reduced workerís comp clams and disability management
  • Reduced presenteeism losses
Source: Larry Chapman, ďMeta-evaluation of Worksite Health Promotion Economic Return StudiesĒ, The American Journal of Health Promotion, 2003

A recent study showed that corporate fitness center participants had 1.3 days fewer short-term disability claims per year per employee than non-participants and had fewer health risks.
Source: Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, April 2006

On average, health care claim costs for IBM employees who exercise 1- 2 times a week are $350 a year less than those who donít exercise at all.
Source: Joyce Young, IBMís Well-Being Director in March, 2006

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P.I.M.S.T.Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Technique

Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Technique is a comprehensive system that allows the practitioner to improve the following:

  • Joint range of motion (ROM)
  • Neural Drive
  • Meridian Balance
  • Fascial Release
  • Postural Alignment

Various techniques are used to increase ROM and speed of contraction as well as increasing muscle strength. This leads to more effective training as well as improved posture, comfort and a reduced risk of injury from improper alignment.

Great for people of all activity levels:

  • Commuters
  • People who work on computers
  • Athletes of all levels
  • Those with muscle imbalances
  • Anyone looking to improve their posture
  • Those looking to reduce pain and discomfort related to poor body mechanics

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