Sports Specific

Beginner to Advance Resist-a-Ball Training for newcomers, general fitness participants, athletes. Excellent for training balance, abdominals and strengthening the lower back!

State-of-the-art balance tools are used including balance pods, discs, BOSU training.
Sport Specific and Team Training is available for a variety of sports including hockey, soccer, figure skating, basketball, lacrosse, etc.

Speed, Agility, Quickness Training (SAQ) will dramatically enhance sports performance. Drills using the agility ladder, cone drills, medicine balls, etc. will develop full-body strength and reactivity.
Flexibility training drastically reduces an athletes risk of injury and helps to maintain a highly mobile and pain-free body.





Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Technique is a comprehensive system that allows the practitioner to improve the following:

  • Joint range of motion (ROM)

  • Neural Drive

  • Meridian Balance

  • Fascial Release

  • Postural Alignment

Various techniques are used to increase ROM and speed of contraction as well as increasing muscle strength. This leads to more effective training as well as improved posture, comfort and a reduced risk of injury from improper alignment.

Great for people of all activity levels:

  • Commuters

  • People who work on computers

  • Athletes of all levels

  • Those with muscle imbalances

  • Anyone looking to improve their posture

  • Those looking to reduce pain and discomfort related to poor body mechanics

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