My journey with Imagine Fitness really got started just over 6 months ago... I had trained in a gym before, both alone and with a personal trainer. When my membership expired I decided to take my renewal money and put it towards building a home gym, thinking I knew what I needed to do, I could continue to accomplish my goals on my own at home...... read more of this fabulous testimonial with pictures

Sarah has made exercising convenient and fun, using a great variety of equipment to keep me interested week after week. Workouts are challenging and energizing-I even look forward to them. I honestly didnít think I would be able to achieve my fitness goals, but weíve exceeded them! Friends and co-workers keep asking what Iíve done differently, but my increased energy and improved muscle tone are from exercising regularly with Sarah. Keep up the good work!


As a working mother with 2 young children, I donít have time to get to the gym. By coming to my home, Sarah has made a consistent fitness program possible. Her varied routine has kept me interested and challenged for over a year now. Working out helps me to manage stress more easily and to finish my day with energy to burn. Thank you, Sarah, for helping me to commit to exercise!


My personal training at my home with Sarah has been great ... she really pushes me beyond what I think mine own limits are and encourages me each step of the way! She has made me love exercising again and actual look forward to our workouts. The programs are varied so that I never get bored and she keeps it fun and invigorating and I have truly seen and feel the results. I have boundless energy now!!


Mike rocks, I am very pleased with Imagine Fitness and their excellent trainers.